Livestock Expression Portal
Content & Functions
LivestockExp is a re- and co-analysis platform for exploration of gene expression and alternative splicing based on 43,710 uniformly processed publicly avalilable RNA-seq experiments from 14 livestock. It has following features:
I. Annotation improvement Gene annotations are improved to provide more alternative isoforms. What’s more, it includes annotation of alternative splicing events that are not presented in reference genome annotation.
II. Sample curation The sample information including breed, genotype, tissue, development and treatment, are curated manually for users to better explore biology significances associated with change of gene expression and splicing.
III. Multi-way retrival Gene expression can be searched with ID, symbol and various function annotation terms including gene ontology, family, and pathway, as well as gene sequence similarity using blast program.
IV. Diverse expression analysis modules It integrates common analysis modules including differential expression analysis, specific expression analysis, co-expression network analysis and cross-species gene expression conservation analysis.
V. High customizability Users can freely specify different metrics to estimate gene expression and alternative splicing profiles and choose different methods and enrichment analyses.
VII Abundance diagram and external links It provides abundant diagrams to summarize retrieval and analysis results. It provides links to external important resources, such as Ensembl, NCBI, Pfam, GO, KEGG, UniProt, Pubmed, SRA and GEO.
It is worth noting that all data deposited in LivestockExp are available for download to analyze locally. Please send feedbacks and/or questions to (
Sus scrofa(Pig)
Bos taurus(Cattle)
Bos grunniens(yak)
Ovis aries(Sheep)
Capra hircus(Goat)
Equus caballus(Horse)
Equus asinus(Donkey)
Canis lupus familiaris(Dog)
Felis catus(Cat)
Oryctolagus cuniculus(Rabbit)
Gallus gallus(Chicken)
Meleagris gallopavo(Turkey)
Anas platyrhynchos(Mallard)
Anser cygnoides(Swan goose)