Metazoa Expression Portal
MetazExp is a resource of metazoan gene expression and alternative splicing that allow users to perform differential expression analysis, differential alternative splicing analysis, specificity and conservation analyses, all with flexibly customizable options. It has following highlights:
I. Annotation improvement Gene annotations are further improved to provide more isoforms, especially for non-mode species. What’s more, it includes alternative splicing annotations that are not presented in reference genome annotation.
II. Comprehensiveness A total of 26,335 RNA-seq experiments from 72 metazoa species are collected in MetazExp. Besides gene expression levels, splicing profiles of alternative splicing events are also included.
III. Curated sample attributes The sample information including strain, genotype, tissue, development and treatment, are curated manually for users to better explore biology significances associated with change of gene expression.
IV. Powerful retrieval function Gene expression data can be searched with gene identifier, symbol and various function terms including gene ontology, protein family, and pathway, as well as gene sequence similarity using blast program.
V. Differential analysis The comparison analysis modules is devised to find differential expressed genes and alternative splicing events between customized sample groups by users.
Vi. Specificity analysis The specificity modules is devised to discover specific expressed genes and alternative splicing events in each customized sample group customized by users.
VII. Conservation analysisUsers can identify orthology genes with same expression pattern by customizing sample groups in any two diffferent species.
VIII. High customizability To better meet demands of users, two methods are provided for users to perform differential analysis. Meanwhile, users can freely set parameters to adjust their results.
IX Abundance diagram and external links MetazoaExp provides abundant diagrams to summarize retrieval results and links to external important resources, such as Ensembl, NCBI, Pfam, GO, KEGG, UniProt, Pubmed, SRA and GEO.
It is worth noting that all data deposited in metazExp are available for download to analyze locally. Please send feedbacks and/or questions to (
2020-08-11: Co-expression networks are appended into database.
2020-07-11: Orthologous are identified and appended into database.
2020-06-31: Fifty dicots species are online.
2020-05-25: Glycine max is online.
2020-05-10: Arabidopsis thaliana is online.
2020-04-25: Thirteen monocots species are online.
2020-03-20: Triticum aestivum is online.
2020-02-20: Zea may is online.
2020-01-15: Oryza sativa Japonica is online for test
2019-09-31: Finish development of database.
2019-07-31: Launch this project.
Drosophila melanogaster
Bombyx mori
Apis mellifera
Tribolium castaneum
Aedes aegypti
Acyrthosiphon pisum
Caenorhabditis elegans
Schistosoma mansoni
Crassostrea gigas